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Learning Webinar on Practice & Patient Care Upgrade Presented by Alicia Shickle of ProCode Compliance Solutions!

Healthcon 2024

DecisionHealth webinar "Practice & Patient Care Upgrade – Implement the Latest Guidelines for Visit Complexity, SDOH Assessments, and Caregiver Training was presented by Alicia Shickle of ProCode Compliance Solutions, LLC."

This webinar presentation specifically focuses on Documentation, Coding, and Billing Compliance for CMS add-on visit complexity code G2211, SDOH Risk Assessment, Community Health Integration, Principal Illness Navigation, Caregiver Training Services, and more!

Should your firm be in need of continuing education credits or a training session on all things compliance related, reach out to ProCode Compliance Solutions!

To schedule a presentation or speaking engagement with Alicia Shickle, CONTACT US.

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