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Expert Services

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  • Denials may be due to credentialing issues.  

  • Credentialing – ask about our national full-service credentialing team 

  • Health Plan Enrollments  

  • State licensure and other registrations  

  • PECOS and CAQH  

  • Maintenance packages 

  • Merger and acquisitions 

  • New practice and provider onboarding expertise 

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Its the most important insurance policy you may ever have.


  • Program assessment, development and implementation support 

  • Audit workplan support 

  • Annual FWA and RCM training and education 

  • Corporate Integrity Agreement (CIA) 90-day implementation support 

  • Medicare & Medicaid program integrity  

  • Health plan audit and appeal support (TPE, UPIC, RAC, SMRC) 

  • Investigations and root cause analysis 

  • Corrective Action Plans (CAP) 

  • Voluntary Corporate Integrity Improvement Plans 

  • Turn Around Strategies and Implementation Team  

  • Litigation Support  

  • Experienced Healthcare and Litigation Support Services  

  • Investigation related to the revocation and independent assessment of the issues.

  • Specialty Specific Subject Matter Experts

  • OIG/ SIU investigators and UPIC Audit Experts

  • Audit and Appeal Investigations and Reconsiderations

  • CMS Revocation & Preclusion Reconsideration response preparation, submission and support

  • Corrective Action and Voluntary Rehabilitation ( turn around) Support Team including but not limited to:

    • Coordinated CAP Project management and oversight

    • Comprehensive Custom Compliance Program, implementation support, and interim CO and committee

    • Experienced Outsourced Revenue Cycle Integrity / Management Team

    • EMR/ LIS / IT Support

    • Auditing and Monitoring with Education

    • Credentialing & Exclusion Checking Services

    • Reporting if required ( similar to CIA reporting )

    • Other Custom Workflow and Compliance related strategies based on the nature of the revocation

Be proactive! Give your staff and providers the tools and knowledge they need to be successful. 

Custom training and education packages are available to suit your specialty and your needs.


  • National Speaker  

  • Multispecialty Documentation and coding compliance  

  • Evaluation & Management documentation and coding experts 

  • Fraud Waste and Abuse compliance training 

  • Enforcement Actions and Risk Mitigation Strategies 

  • Audits and Enforcement Actions 

Revenue cycle integrity starts at the front desk and ends with complete and proper payment. 

  • RC Assessments  

  • Documentation and coding compliance  

  • Analytics support - Simple and complex 

  • Audits - Multispecialty prospective and retrospective (ask about our niche areas of expertise) 

  • Statistically valid random sampling  

  • Workflow assessments and denial management  

  • RCM Staff quality assurance and education packages  

Magnifying Glass
  • Independent review of the issues/ dispute 

  • Affidavits 

  • EW Reports 

  • Arbitration & Mediation Testimony experience 

  • Deposition and trial experience 

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