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Pioneering CMS Revocation & Preclusion Expertise for Seamless Compliance and Rehabilitation

ProCode CS CMS Revocation & Preclusion Experts

CMS Revocation & Preclusion is a specialized service offering unparalleled healthcare and litigation support. Our team, composed of seasoned professionals, specializes in comprehensive investigations related to CMS revocation, providing independent assessments of associated issues. We pride ourselves on having specialty specific subject matter experts who bring a nuanced understanding to each case.

Our service extends to collaborating with OIG/SIU investigators and UPIC Audit Experts, ensuring a thorough and precise audit and appeal process. We take a hands-on approach to CMS Revocation & Preclusion Reconsideration, offering end-to-end support, from preparation to submission.

For corrective actions and voluntary rehabilitation, our dedicated Support Team steps in, providing expert guidance and coordination. This includes a Coordinated Corrective Action Plan (CAP) Project management, overseeing the implementation of a Comprehensive Custom Compliance Program, and interim Chief Compliance Officer and committee support.

Our services also encompass the management of revenue cycles, ensuring integrity and efficiency. We offer experienced outsourced Revenue Cycle Integrity/Management Teams, coupled with EMR/LIS/IT Support for seamless operations.

With a commitment to education, our Auditing and Monitoring services come with integrated educational components, ensuring ongoing compliance. Additionally, our Credentialing & Exclusion Checking Services add an extra layer of assurance.

For reporting requirements, we provide detailed reports similar to those required under Corporate Integrity Agreements (CIA), maintaining transparency and accountability throughout the process.

What sets us apart is our ability to tailor our approach. We offer other custom workflow and compliance-related strategies based on the unique nature of each revocation case. At ProCode Compliance Solutions we are not just a service; we are your dedicated partners in navigating the complexities of healthcare revocation and compliance.

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