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February 26, 2020

I know this is a loaded question. Unfortunately, for some it is a harsh reality. While we all agree that coding can be subjective, there are those times when the rules, and guidelines are clear. I have seen these misguided errors come back to bite providers far too often. It is critical to know exactly what codes are appropriate to submit for the services...

February 26, 2020

I'm a true believer and a big advocate of this saying. My Mother would say this to us frequently when we were growing up. Usually right after dinner when it was time to clean the table and do the dishes! We were a family of nine so she was so right. I'll wash, and you dry she would say... It was a lesson well learned early on in life. If we offer a servic...

February 22, 2020

I am posting these tips (with my compliance hat on), based on 35 years of boots on the ground experience. Some of my recommendations might seem like common sense, but you would be surprised to know just how real and common these issues are. 


February 22, 2020

here are so many factors to consider when billing for healthcare services today. Yes, documentation and coding compliance is a must. However, if you do not follow appropriate billing practices as well, you might end up with a hefty over-payment recovery demand, or worse. It is a providers responsibility to understand what is in their agreement, and to fol...

February 20, 2020

Happy Monday! Here is one more topic to stir the pot. This case is a few months old however, awareness is still very much needed. https://lnkd.in/e5BPgTa https://lnkd.in/eP3--nT

February 19, 2020

"The best leaders are humble enough to realize their victories depend upon their people." John C. Maxwell

February 18, 2020

No one else will ever invest in you, the way that you will. No one can take away your knowledge, integrity, and passion. I think these 3 key ingredients make up the "secret sauce" in all of us. There is no limit on what we can accomplish in life as long as we believe in ourselves and are good to others. Today's tip is about being mindful to make time to c...

February 14, 2020

Even though Evaluation & Management codes are not technically considered "time based", payers, and enforcers calculate the "typical time" attached to the codes to mine for providers who bill for "impossible days". These cases are defensible however, not cheap or painless. If you are not sure what your billing productivity benchmark is, ask your revenue cy...

February 12, 2020

This week we are hoping to set aside the "don'ts", and "stop that's" and focus on what you should, and can do to reduce risk in your organizations. Effective compliance programs include several key elements that are considered to be "controls". A few of those core controls include; policies and procedures, training & education, and auditing & monitoring....

February 12, 2020

This weeks tips are all about "doing". The link below will take you to the NYS OMIG website compliance page. It is here that you can learn if you meet the criteria for mandatory compliance program adoption, and certification. https://lnkd.in/e-NVwgh Medicaid Managed Care plan earnings and orders also qualify as "indirect income" so be sure to include it....

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