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Credentialing and Payor Enrollment Services

Is your practice equipped to deal with the challenges of Provider enrollment and credentialing?

Doctor's Desk

Benefit from our team's extensive experience and the  credentialing process that we have mastered.

ProCode Compliance Solutions offers a complete suite of credentialing and payor enrollment services for all provider types. We know this process can be time consuming, frustrating, and resource intensive. Our team has a proven track record for getting the job done right the first time and is committed to excellent customer service.

  • Inaccuracies in provider enrollment and credentialing can have profound repercussions on reimbursement.

  • Failing to credential providers accurately and promptly may result in expulsion from payer networks, forfeiture of hospital admitting privileges, and substantial revenue reductions.

  • This holds true for both Medicare/Medicaid payers and private commercial carriers. Overlooking even a single detail during the enrollment and credentialing process may lead to application denials.

  • Our team is here to help you sidestep these detrimental delays and maintain a steady flow of reimbursement.

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  • Small and large merger & acquisition expertise

  • Successful enrollment the first time. Our team is trained to identify application red flags and mitigate loss of revenue​

  • Diligent application tracking and a proven process to avoid any missed deadlines

  • Consistent updates with payors along with instant access to the status of your application for a worry-free process

  • Controls to keep enrollment and revalidations from falling through the cracks

  • Handle the daunting task of contacting each insurance payor as necessary to verify service, billing, and contract status

  • Generate necessary reports detailing the year-to-date status with all individual payors by the provider


Download our detailed brochure that clearly outlines all provided credentialing services

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