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Custom Training & Education

Training is an integral and required component of an effective compliance program. It is one of our most important forms of communication with employees. How can we expect our staff to excel and succeed if we do not teach them what is expected of them?


There are three basic steps for setting up educational objectives:


  • Determining who needs training (both in coding and billing and in compliance);

  • Determining the type of training that best suits the practice’s needs (e.g., seminars, in-service training, self-study or other programs); and

  • Determining when and how often education is needed and how much each person should receive.


According to the OIG there are two goals a practice should strive for when conducting compliance training:


  1. All employees will receive training on how to perform their jobs in compliance with the standards of the practice and any applicable regulations; and

  2. Each employee will understand that compliance is a condition of continued employment. Training should emphasize that following the standards and procedures will not get a practice employee in trouble, but violating the standards and procedures may subject the employee to disciplinary measures. It is advisable that new employees be trained on the compliance program as soon as possible after their start date and employees should receive refresher training on an annual basis or as appropriate.


Our subject matter experts will customize training for your organization and offer a variety of educational topics including:


  • Fraud,waste, abuse and errors

  • Documentation & coding compliance

  • Risk adjustment fundamentals

  • ICD-10 CM

  • Compliance programs A-Z

  • Compliance training for your Board

  • Practice management A-Z

  • Other


The OIG recommends that there be at least an annual training program for all individuals involved in the coding and billing aspects of the organization or practice. Let our experts assist you in developing your training plan and providing educational in-services.

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