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Coding & Compliance Tip

There is probably no better advice than to follow your intuition. If it sounds too good to be true, or just doesn't feel "right" heed that warning. Before you invest in purchasing equipment, expanding your office suite, and going through "training" conduct some due diligence. It is unlikely that a vendor will share responsibility if things go wrong. It is your responsibility to understand who is eligible to perform the procedure or service, supervision requirements, medical necessity, correct CPT and HCPCS codes, coverage, and billing requirements. Do not take anyone's "advice", or "recommendations" for increasing practice revenue without running it past your (healthcare) attorney, and designated compliance officer. I emphasize "healthcare" attorney because you wouldn't want a hip surgeon operating on your brain. Yes, it really does matter. Q: Do you have a designated compliance officer? A: If the answer is No, then put the brakes on hard and fast. If you think you cant afford one, the truth is you cant afford to be without one.

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